- The CD Audio Program -


This is a six (6) module program packed with passion and power to reevaluate and recreate yourself & your life, your way. Here we will awaken and supercharge the fire within you.  That fire we all had as a child with dreams wishes and hopes that had no boundaries and no limits. This program will guide you on how to start living like others only dare to dream of.

To awakening you to a whole new unstoppable You. A You that will no longer settle for anything less then your very best! To have you taste the world you always imagined and beyond.

The fact that you are here reading about this program shows that you are different and ready to make a change. You are not like most. Most people talk a good game but take no action and 10 years from now are in the same situation still talking a good game. You however are not willing to settle any longer for a mediocre life and are taking action now! Congrats to you!

Get ready for the ride of your life! This is the foundation most people miss doing. Without taking these actions most will spin their wheels for years jumping from one idea, event, seminar etc… to another and spending time and money to get nowhere.

Whether you have:

  • Struggled day in and day out to meet your financial needs and decided this is enough; or
  • Come from money and have lived based on others expectations unable to be you for fear of rejection from your social circle
  • Maybe you became an empty nester and realize now its your turn to live and take care of you
  • Some may be divorced, widow, jobless
  • Many are so tired of going to events, seminars, networking and spending money running after the next shiny object promising amazing things just to see years pass by while hope and dreams are lost and you move on to another idea and repeat the cycle.
  • Maybe you looked in the mirror one day and asked yourself is this what my life is? Is this who I really am?

Whatever has caused you to awaken and seek to take action -  get ready this is a ride you will never forget! This is the foundation for all you will create. You will taste the world out of your comfort zone and every time you do you will grow and seek more and more opportunities because you will finally realize how powerful and capable you are. We all are very powerful but it is unfortunate that for many it is not until we have no place to turn to that we get to discover the treasures within us that holds our immense power.

This program is a condensed version of the
“It’s My Turn” Program. This is for those so itching to jump start and take action fast. Those that just want to get down to the nitty gritty. This program will get you started right now laying the foundation to creating a new you and a new life. To live in ways that you always wished but never dared. To live a life full of passion, purpose, and meaning.

This is not a just a listen to program.
This is an “Action” taking  “Life changing” program! This program is for those absolutely ready and committed to live a new and extraordinary life.

You will receive the first
CD within (5-10) days, and then receive each continuing CD approximately every two (2) weeks thereafter for the completion of the course. Get ready it’s time!!!

$197(OR TWO PAYMENTS OF $101.00)

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